Rod Campbell

Team Homebrew is hosted by Rod Campbell – award winning homebrewer, writer and beer educator. He has been hooked on the magic of brewing since 2000 and getting more excited every year.

After converting many friends into homebrewers, he decided advocate craftbrewing on a global scale through the Team Homebrew education site.

Since 2016 he has encourage simple brewing for great beer through the Team Homebrew website, blog and Masterclass.

Rod is married with three kids, eight chooks and four fermenters. Together they live on four acres in central west New South Wales, Australia.

Following are his homebrewing achievements.

Australian Amature Brewing Championships

2nd Wheat beer

3rd Pale Australian Lager

3rd Fruit & Other Specialty Beer

ACT State Homebrewing Championships

1st Place Pale Australian Lager

2nd Wheat beer

3rd Low alcohol

3rd Stout

3rd Pale Australian Lager

3rd Belgian and French ale

NSW State Brewing Competition

1st Pale Lager

2nd Fruit & Other Specialty Beer

3rd Pale Lager

HC Strong Ale

HC Specialty Beer