About Team Homebrew

Ever had someone give you a really bad homebrew?

At a party? At at barbecue? I know, right. It was awkward.

Maybe deep down they knew it wasn’t great. But hey, they made it and they’re proud.

Don’t be that brewer. You can make awesome homebrew that will get your friends talking and asking for a refill.

Making your own beer doesn’t need to be complicated. At Team Homebrew we will show you the easy way to make awesome beer.

Is Team Homebrew for me?

Whether your are just starting or looking to improve your techniques, we have something for you.

Brand new brewer

Never homebrewed before? Well you are in the right place. We have everything you need to fast-track your brewing experience. This site is the collection of 15 years of homebrewing trials, tribulations, mistakes and victories.

We take a warts and all approach to sharing our experience on what works and where we’ve gone wrong.

A great starting point is our guide The Complete Kit: Mastering Homebrew Basics.

These resources show you how to make homebrew as good or better than any mainstream beer. Even better, you will have the satisfaction of making it yourself.

Download your copy today.

Frustrated and thirsty

So you’ve made a few batches but you aren’t happy with the results. You’ve followed the instructions and listened to the forum gurus, but you’ve still got bad homebrew.

You are telling yourself it’s drinkable, but friends stop visiting and people start avoiding you (and your beer) at social gatherings. It’s a low, low point in your brewing journey.

The good news is that there are only a few areas you need to get right to make great beer. Master these and your beer will improve dramatically.

Revisit the fundamentals. Download our guide The Complete Kit: Mastering Homebrew Basics. and reclaim your brewing reputation.

This is the start of your homebrewing brewing redemption.

Time-poor beer geek

OK you love brewing. Love it. The science, mystery and creation of homebrew. Your beer is awesome and your personality is wrapped around brewing culture.

We get that.

But you’re busy. And you can’t brew. This makes you sad.

We want you to be happy. And make great beer. There are tricks, tips and techniques to make truly awesome homebrew with a minimum investment in time and effort.

Check out our blog to learn more about making great beer with a simple process.

Brew champ

Happy with your brewing? Maybe even recognized in a few competitions?

That’s awesome – you can help other brewers make great beer too. Share your experience on our blog. You might even pick up a few tips too.

Frugal fermenters

Want to make really, really cheap beer and lots of it?

Perhaps this isn’t for you…

While we love that homebrew is a fraction of the cost of buying it, you also need to spend a few extra dollars for awesome beer.

Far too many times we’re heard of brewers using a cheap kit, a couple of pounds of household sugar and corner cutting to make beer. The results are never impressive and give homebrew a bad name.

This is not the place for penny pinching. For an extra ten or fifteen dollars, you can make beer you are proud to share.

Have quality as the end goal, not cheap beer.

Team Homebrew in a nutshell

The Team Homebrew website, blog and online community is the child of homebrew educator and gold medal brewer Rod Campbell.

Rod has been coaching homebrewers for over a decade on how to make great beer with simple processes and principles.

He has been awarded at the national, state and regional level in homebrew competitions and wants to help you make great beer.

In 2016 he took started teaching other homebrewers online with the launch of the Team Homebrew website.e.

Join the Team

Ready to take your homebrewing to the next level? Check out our guides and resources below or sign up to our newsletter list.

You might even be able to help that guy at the barbecue ;)