Why you should start homebrewing now

Interested in homebrewing? I hope so.

I’ve given homebrewing kits to both of my brothers as gifts. They both tried it a few times and moved on. I was happy to share the experience with them, and they were happy with the beer.

But at the end of the day, it wasn’t for them.

Contrast this to the homebrewers I meet at my local microbrewery.

They are fascinated and want to make great beer.

They love meeting other brewers and swapping homebrew stories.

They get it.

Hardwired for homebrewing

There are some of us hardwired to make our own food and drink. For whatever reason, we are driven to make and experiment.

Ever tried preserving, coffee roasting, cheesemaking… homebrewing? You’re in the club.

For whatever reason, we are attracted to making our own. The process is fascinating and we love to share with our friends and family.

It’s as old as civilization itself. Bonds are formed and communities built over food and drink.

Particularly beer. Its roots trace back over 7000 years to Mesopotamian life— it has been with us for a long time.

Just enjoy it

Sure, you can buy beer.

It’s relatively cheap and there are some sensational beers out there. The boom in boutique brewing is happy days for beer lovers. Why would you spend time and effort making your own?

It doesn’t make sense on paper, but it is fun.

In a world filled with routines of work, kids and other responsibilities, homebrewing is part of the zest of life.

I want an adventure and I choose beer. It’s a heady mix of science, cooking, art and mateship.

Lean into making your own beer

Homebrewing is as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Start brewing if you haven’t already. You won’t regret it.

Sure it can be cheaper than my local bottleshop, but the economics is an added bonus for me.

I find learning and applying new skills far more exciting.

There is also the thrill of brewing for medals for the more competitive homebrewer. I have found much excitement in entering competitions. I encourage you to try your hand as well.

I’ve dived deep into homebrewing science and techniques (all grain home malted decoction lager anyone?), although you certainly don’t need to go to these lengths.

Follow the Team Homebrew Principles

Making great homebrew should be easy. Follow the principles below. Your beer will be excellent and your mates will thank you :)

Brew clean. Cleanliness is next to… great homebrew. Make sure you clean everything that comes near your beer.

Sanitize everything. Use a no-rinse sanitizer to make sure your yeast is the only microbe that matters.

Take care of your yeast. Use a high-quality homebrewing yeast. Make sure it is healthy and you pitch enough of it.

Control your temperature. Homebrew needs to ferment at the right temperature. Otherwise bad things happen.

Use quality ingredients. Your beer can only be as good as what goes in. Spend a few extra bucks on your ingredients and make a premium beer.

Where do I start?

If you haven’t homebrewed before I recommend starting with a tin of hopped malt extract, brewing sugar, hops and dried yeast. This will give you a great starting point for your homebrewing adventures.

If you are diligent and follow the Team homebrew principles, you will make an excellent beer.

Make great homebrew and share it with the world.

Homebrewing With Kits—The essential Beginner’s Guide

Homebrewing for beginners - the essential guide

To help you master homebrewing with kits, I’ve put together a guide based on my experiences over the last two decades.

This is the information I wish I had when I started brewing.

I hope it helps you make awesome homebrew.

Download your copy today.