A word on yeast harvesting...

You’ll read online about harvesting yeast from a bottle of specialty beer. Seems like a great idea. You get a specialty yeast strain for a fraction of the price. And a free beer too!

Be warned, it’s risky ground. One of the few beers I’ve tipped out was thanks to harvesting mishap.

I took every precaution. I bought a fresh Belgian ale. I cleaned and sanitized. I cleaned and sanitized more. I harvested the yeast with utmost loving care and attention.

The result was hideous and ended up on the back lawn.

There are a few ways you can come unstuck. Breweries use different yeast strains to bottle their beer, yeast becomes unviable quickly and your normal cleaning regimes won’t cut it.

If you want to experiment and harvest yeast from commercial beer, make sure you do your homework and be a cleaning and sanitizing freak.

Or just buy a commercial yeast and save yourself the risk and effort.

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